A Travel & ACCOMMODATION Boutique Marketing Agency

Capturing the stories of Unique homes, spaces & places through language & a lens





A Travel & ACCOMMODATION Boutique Marketing Agency

Capturing the stories of unique homes, spaces, & places through language & a lens


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Hi, my name is Nicole.  I started the Luxe Home Life Agency to explore & showcase the elements that make different places & spaces around the world unique.

What is it about an eco-dome in a great Canadian forest or a rock cave on the coast of the Tenerife Sea that create such different experiences? What makes a house a home? How does each space interact with its environment? And how is it shaped by the local community?

My curiosity has led me to collaborate with destination management organizations & vacation rental owners to find out some of these answers! In doing so, my team & I through our different creative mediums (including photography, videography, graphic design & social media) help these clients find, create & communicate all of the magic that their home & location have to offer. We curate & capture the unique story that each place is screaming to share & we know that it will captivate the hearts of all adventurers across the world who are ready to hear it! Ready to share your story?

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Mission: Committed to Sustainable Travel

A More Conscious Way to See the World

Our mission is to emphasize the benefits of “slow” and “intentional travel”.  Such travel focuses on visitors maximizing their experiences by "doing less". We help tourists to envision immersing themselves in the local culture, activities & amenities before they arrive. By doing so, we inspire guests to explore each new location in a more sustainable way.

As part of our commitment to promoting sustainability,  we feel that it is our responsibility to help local vacation rental owners communicate all that they have to offer in a personable way. Through our storytelling methods, we focus on capturing content that displays the magic found in the "everyday" experiences of a stay at each location.

Our more intimate 'day in the life' content, enables brands to attract both national & international visitors by establishing a deeper sense of trust with guests. In essence, it is our mission that through our customized marketing services, we can build everlasting connections between destinations, hosts and their wonderful guests working towards a more sustainable travel experience!

- Founder, Nicole Dragus
Destination Brand Consulting
what do you stand for?
What is the number one thing that you want people to associate you with when they think of your destination or home rental? We begin with a 'Discovery Call' where through a series of our custom-tailored questions, we guide you through the process of understanding what you stand for, why this is important and how to communicate this message to the world. This process will bring clarity to you and your visitors, enabling you & them to understand what sets your destination or vacation rental apart from others.
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Content Creation
communicating with your visitors
Let's communicate creatively! Through photos, short-form videos, and graphic design we create custom, lifestyle content that helps guests envision spending a day at your location. Our content goes beyond just sharing the story of your home or location, we go deeper by integrating its connection with the land, the history of the community, culture and traditions of the local destination. This helps guests understand the larger narrative that they are now becoming a part of by choosing to stay and explore your rental & destination.
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Account Management
connecting you to each other
Great content speaks for itself but it doesn't always mean that there's someone listening. While social media is an incredibly powerful & effective tool to reach a wide audience, its algorithms are constantly evolving & changing. It seems "impossible" to keep up with the latest growth strategy or trend. We have a dedicated team that specializes in tracking these changes, creating targeted campaigns for your audience & ensuring that your visitors have no trouble connecting with you or your website. If you don't have social media for your destination or rental yet, we'll help you start & manage it. It's never too late to launch your platform & get connected to your guests!
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Services & Packages


* All pricing is dependent on the time available to us in the space at the respective location. *

Request Photography Pricing 

01. Destination Photography 
We explore the local shops & community services arranging a time with the business owners to shoot content of the best of what they have to offer.


Photogallery - 30 Editorial style, lifestyle-oriented images, High resolution & professionally edited, Delivered within 2 business days upon job completion 

02. Rental Property Shoots 
Detail-oriented lifestyle photos that showcase the beauty of your space, focused on the elements that make it unique.


Editorial-Style Photo Gallery - 30 Editorial style property-focused, lifestyle photos. Architectural detail photos. Social media-oriented photos. Digital, Hi- resolution and professionally edited photo gallery delivered within 2 business days upon job completion. 

Social Media Exposure - photos and walkthrough of the space, daily interactions with the space to be posted on stories & feed on platforms @nicoledragus @alchemicaladventure 

Model Featured Photos - people-focused photos that help guests connect to your space in a more intimate way. We feature models in our photos which may include collaborations with social media influencers 

03. Commercial Product Photography (Optional Add On)
In collaboration with local shop owners, we feature certain products within your space giving you and a local business owner the opportunity to cross-promote each other’s businesses.


Photo Gallery - 15 photoset of the product (editorial style) integrating the products in the space as well as showing how they can be used; lifestyle photos with products. Digital, Hi- resolution and professionally edited.

Short Form Video

*All pricing is dependent on the time available to us in the space at the respective location.*

Request Short Form Video Price 

01. Destination Short Form Video 


2 short-form videos exploring the local community & businesses in the area. We film short video content to tell a story of the local area & the best things to see and do there

 02. Rental Property Short Form Video


3 short-form videos (reels) daily life interactions with the rental home, filmed using a model to build an authentic human connection, meant to inspire & captivate the imagination. Short film clips are captured in Hi-definition, professionally edited and set to popular music tracks. (intended for social media use)

03. Commercial Short Form Video  (Optional Add On)


1 short-form video per product dedicated to showing how the product is used within the context of the space, incorporates product placement into story of the home

The short film clip is captured in Hi-definition, professionally edited and set to music.

Social Media Account Management

Request Social Media price 

We offer social media management service to help you build an engaged community of followers, grow your network, establish strong connections, increase traffic to your website and offer direct bookings to your rental so you can save on commission.

We Help Tackle the Following Questions:
Who is your main target audience? 
How do they spend their time on social media? 
What platforms are they using the most? 
What types of content make them interact and engage with your service or product? 
Who is your competition on social media and what type of content are they creating that is engaging?

Developing a customized target audience profile 
Managing the planning, scheduling and posting of content (Up to 30 posts/ month which includes: photos, videos, reels, stories)
Providing monthly insight reports on reach, audience and growth
Researching effective growth strategies targeted to your niche audience 
Connecting with influencer platforms & strategic partners in the travel & accommodation industry
 Engaging & managing conversation with your target audience 

Digital Brand Experience

Request Digital booklet Price

01. Custom Curated Vacation Rental Editorial Style Magazine Booklet


70 - 120
page template with curated editorial style articles featuring;
History of the location & vacation rental
Surrounding location, what to see and do, where to eat, recommendations for activities in the area
Interviews with rental owners or local business owners (with permission)
Inspiring stories based on the location & our experiences there
Incorporates lifestyle photos of vacation rental and location
Custom curated artwork & design.


 02. Custom Designed Email, Social Media, Website Graphics:


Logo design
Email signatures
Social media covers & banners
Posters & Pamphlets
Customizable graphics as per request

Travel Brand Consulting

book free 'discovery' consult

01. Initial Marketing Consulting Session: 
This is a preliminary meeting with you where I ask strategic questions to help you as well as myself to better understand your wants and needs. We focus on themes such as: target audience, what services you provide/ should provide, who you are serving and why/ what your larger contribution is. I take notes and then file a report. Here, I also provide insight and resources on strategies that your organization/ rental can use to boost your performance across different platforms.

02. Creating a Marketing/ Brand Report: 
I use whatever resources the organization/rental has available in addition to metrics across social media platforms, google, email list etc to put together a profile of the organization. In addition to my own research, I perform a comprehensive analysis of your organization/ rental and help you define your strengths and weaknesses. I work with you to define your target audience and find your "niche". I also research competitors in the industry and assess the effectiveness of their strategies.  Then based on this work I identify the best social media platforms and digital mediums to use to communicate your brand’s message most effectively. I complete a report based on these findings with goals, themes, action steps. (Research on the target market is ongoing as this is changing and developing·)

03. Plan and Oversee Campaigns:
  Each month I create campaigns surrounding themes that should be promoted for that month. This includes the type of content that needs to be captured, types of businesses that should be consulted and why/ how they can help you meet the overall marketing goals of your destination organization/ rental.

Iron Horse Ranch
Peterborough, Ontario
Glen Oro Farms Eco Dome
Oro-Medonte, Ontario
Ravenscliffe Castle
Hamilton, Ontario
South Pond Farms
Kawarthas, Ontario
Max Haus
Sibiu, Romania
travel resource.
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Within Element Explores Transformational Travel

We are first and foremost adventurers. Our passion is for travel & we explore the world to find the best experiences that different destinations & places have to offer. We believe that travel has the potential to transform individuals from the inside - out & our mission is to capture & create these experiences.

This platform is dedicated to gaining a deeper understanding of what it is about different places & spaces that make us feel a certain type of connection to the land and to ourselves. Here, through travel coaching & travel design, we have curated a deeply personal experience where we connect individuals based on their unique emotional, social, spiritual needs to the best destinations & spaces fitted to their self-discovery journey.

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"Professional, qualitative, detail-oriented service that helped our niche hotel redefine itself & create a new standard of luxury."
"On behalf of the Sibiu Tourism Board, it is my pleasure to recommend Nicole Draguş - Luxe Home Life - and her services. Our tourism board was created in 2006 and, ever since, we’ve had a lot of specialists hired out of whom Nicole stands out as a great professional. She is serious, dedicated and extremely creative. She worked together with us on a project for several months, promoting Sibiu as a Sustainable tourist destination for the national and international market. During this time, Nicole collaborated with various private operators and public institutions. She succeeded in accomplishing all of our deadlines and reached our goals. However, it’s not just her professional skills that impressed us. Nicole was a joy to work with because of her amazingly positive attitude and eagerness to stick to deadlines and responsibilities. Her“can-do” attitude and willing approach was also necessary and valued not just by our team, but also by all of our other partners and collaborators that we work with. Therefore, we highly recommend Nicole and her services!"
"It was a pleasure working with Nicole, professional services delivered right on time. Highly recommend her! "


Hamilton, Ontario

Cisnadie, Sibiu